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Thursday, November 19, 2009

the wonderful, terrible world of college applications

Becca is a high school senior and is currently emmeshed in the college application process.

the process began in earnest last year, when she was a junior -- PSAT, SAT, college visits, writing essays.

in some ways it's easier than it was when I was a student, you can apply to schools on line, order your test scores on line, check the status of your application at the school's website...

but on the other hand, kids tend to apply to many more schools these days than my classmates and I would have....if all you have to do is cut and paste and click through a few web pages, applying is easier...

She applied "early decision" to one school -- I won't name it at this time -- which means that they will let her know by 12/15 if she's been accepted.  but it also means she made a commitment to withdraw all her other applications if this school offers her admission.

she's so enamored of this school...I had to push her to apply to other schools "just in case"

she's applied to 5 other schools so far, and has 2-3 more she's interested in.

all of which will be moot if she gets into her first choice.

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