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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Drew and I had a great Halloween.  A real advetnure.

He picked me up just after dark -- the clouds were drifting across the face of the moon -- and we drove up to Bayville.  That's a small town on the shore of the Long Island Sound, consisting primarily of a beach and a few small shops and attractions along Bayville Avenue.

Just driving up to Bayville is an adventure in itself, the roads are dark and narrow, almost as if you're in the middle of nowhere instead of in the heart of suburban Long Island.  You feel like you're in a horror movie, and you're about to stop at Dracula's castle or something like that.  and with the Halloween music in the CD, it was eerie.

We parked at the beach, and I could see Connecticut in the distance.

Our destination?

We went to the Bayville Scream Park.

During the summer it's a small amusement park, with bumper cars, miniature golf, stuff like that.    But in October, it turns into  the capital of haunted houses.  We bought  VIP passes, which allowed us to visit all 5 attractions without waiting on line.  Thee's a back story for each attraction, but most people don't bother to read the backsotry and just walk through the haunted site, hoping to get a good scare.

First up -- Bloodsworth Mansion.  Traditional haunted mansion, you walk through and see all sorts of scary scenes -- and interact with actors dressed in ghoulish garb.

Next stop was the Temple of Terror.  Not nearly as gory as Bloodsworth Mansion, but spookier because it's a maze.  The actors give you hints on how to get out of the maze.

Evil in the's a pathway through trees, if you didn't see the lights from the neighboring motel you'd feel like you were really in the woods...almost lost it when one of the actors, crawling on the ground, almost grabbed my ankle.  did lose it when one jumped out from behind a door...

Uncle Needles Funhouse of's a circus gone wrong....lots of black lighting and neon paint...3D effects....and you exit through a spinning tunnel.

Curse of the Zombie Pirates -- this one is set up on the miniature golf course.  Lots of mist and fog...and it was raining when we walked through this one...loved the huge skull with the glowing red eyes...

In the middle of the evening they had a parade of sorts -- stilt walkers is ghoulish costumes.  

Dinner was at the Shipwreck Tavern.  Owned by the same people as the park, there's also a backstory for this restaurant.  Nautical theme, there's a huge fishtank behind the bar, and another aquarium with morey eels.  We sat  under a tiki idol, right next to the french doors with a view of the sidewalk -- so we could people watch all the costumed revelers.  We had absolutely wonderful burgers.  My sole complaint -- they only accept cash or American Express, but they do have an ATM on premises.

Coming home we rode along the shores of Oyster Bay and throuhg the town of Oyster Bay, a lot less scary than the ride up to Bayville.


Suzanne said...

That sounds like a great park! I agree, that ride up to Bayville is quite interesting in the dark!

songbird's crazy world said...

yeah,it was a bit spooky...

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