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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

Struggling to stay focused, I have waivered all over the place, and chose to not weigh in this week.  My goal for the holdiay season is survival -- not trying to lose eight, just trying to NOT  GAIN.

As for the show

there's a yellow line and a red line this week  - fall below the red line and you're out, no vote.

the tennis ball challenge -- Allen wins a one-pund advantage.  no surprise.

Jillian makes Shay cry during the workouts -- typical Jillian.

then they're at Ringling Brothers for the hoop challenge.  Shay is super-pissed at Rudy's betrayal.  rudy wins immunity.

then they ar eliterally swinging from the rafters.

and the weigh-in.  Rudy up first, he loses 8 pounds.  not bad. 

Shay is up next.  17 pounds!!!!! she's lost a total of 100 pounds and she's ecstatic.  such a big loss means she may have kept herself high above the yellow line.

Amanda is scared to death....she lost 5 pounds, will that be enough?

Rebecca is on the scale....10 pounds!!!!  Puts her in 1st place, for the time being at least.

and now it's Danny's turn.  he needs 15 pounds to be safe tonight.....

and he lost 17 pounds....another one who lost 100 pounds.... and he's safe.

Allen has a one-pound advantage, but will ths help?  he needs 10 pounds....he lost 10 and he's got the one-pound advantage...

and Rebecca is safe.  and Amanda falls below the yellow line....

Liz needs 9 pounds to be safe....and she lost 12!!!!  she takes first Shay falls below the yellow line.

Shay and Amanda are below the yellow line... would have been Allen if not for the pound he won in the challenge.....

Daniel's turn....he's close to having lost 200 pounds....needs 6 to be safe tonight....

Daniel loses 5 pounds....and there is dead silence in the room.  he is below the red line and is going home.  and then the tears flow.

and now it's time to worry about the vote -- Shay or Amanda.

the voting....and it's 2 votes for Shay, then 2 for Amanda.  it all comes down to Rudy's vote.

and he votes for....Shay...

I wouldn't have believed it before the hoop challenge, they were friends....but Shay is gone....

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Joyce-Anne said...

I was crying when Shay was voted off. Still, however, she lost 100 pounds! Fantastic!

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