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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

And as we approach the holiday season, my mind is NOT on weight loss.  I will be happy if I don't see a gain.

but I am doing a lot of walking up stairs. even tackled the 6 flights from the tracks to the street in the Exchange Place PATH station (though that left me quite winded).   I keep thinking "Mayan pyramids" as I climb, since I will be climbing Altun Ha in February.

as for the show...

not a very riveting episode, I kept getting distracted by other things at home....

it starts with them finding out they're each about to give a speech to an audience.  but first, a makeover.

Rebecca looks good in her little black dress. Loved Danny's blue vest.  Allen in a! Amanda is amazing. Rudy is remarkable.

and the family reactions..priceless.

then back to the ranch for a challenge.they have to pull themselves from one side of the canyon to the other. the prize is a two week trip to a Biggest Loser resort in Utah. Rudy wins.

workout time. Jillian works on Rudy -- a breakthrough.

weigh-in time.

6 of them, two spots below the yellow line, who will be in the final 5?

Danny is up first.  12 pounds -- double digits 6 weeks in a row. he's down 126 pounds in 10 weeks.

Next is Rudy.  He's down 16 pounds.    he's lost 134 altogether, a Biggest Loser record.

Allen's turn.  he lost 5 pounds, a disappointment.  and Rudy is safe.

it's Rebecca's turn, she wants to get under 200 pounds.  she needs more than 7 to be safe.  she lost 3.

and Danny is safe.

time for Liz to get on the scale.  she needs to lose 4 pounds.  she losses 3.

Rebecca falls below the yellow line.

and it's Amanda's turn.  she needs 2 pounds, it will take her out of the 200's and keep her safe this week.

she loses 9 pounds!!!!!  her biggest loss on the show in 10 weeks.

so Liz and Rebecca are below the yellow line.

and the politicking begins.

and then it's time for the vote.

in the case of a tie Rebecca will go home, since she lost less than Liz.

Amanda votes for Liz.  Danny votes for Rebecca.  Rudy votes for Rebecca.  that's enough to send her home.  she's so upset with Rudy because of his remarks about his inability to trust her when she thought he was one of her best friends.

she looks so good running the half marathon.

and then there were 5.

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Joyce-Anne said...

I wish you lots of luck in your endeavor not to gain over this holiday season!

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