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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

My own weight loss efforts....OMG, I've been on an eating orgy. I did NOT want to face the scale. sure enough, my weight was up.

As for the show... I missed last week's episode -- cried when I read the recap (bye Abbey), saw it on line Tuesday night (and may I say I really love Derek Jeter, loved how the challenge revolved around his stats)) -- I was very anxious to see this week's installment.

OMG, they're going to Washington, DC, one of my favorite cities -- I've been there 3 times in 2009 (and yes, I am a history/political science junkie).

they're going to speak to members of Congress, visit the White House ... but first, a visit to the Jefferson Memorial. No more teams, they're now competing as individuals.

It's a pop challenge...they have to find people to join a public workout at the Washington Monument.the one who brings the most people to the workout wins. the winner will get to feed Subway to everyone on his/her team. I love the scenery as they walk around DC. Daniel and Amanda have an advantage, they were on last season's show and are easily recognized. OMG, so many people on the lawn under the Monument...and I can't believe Liz won!!! and the workout was incredible. Even kids were working out with bob and Jillian.

Daniel is a great advocate, knows how to speak to politicians.

The challenge begins in Constitution Gardens. As the winner of the prior challenge, Liz gets to skip one event of the challenge. They have to run two laps around constitution Gardens Lake -- one mile total. I've walked around that lake, but run?

They cheered Tracey as she completed the different from what happened the first day when she collapsed before reaching the finish line. She's out of the challenge, but this time she doesn't seem to care.

The second challenge -- gathering pennies on the Watergate Steps (It's a promenade of stairs that lead from the slight bluff on which sits the Lincoln Memorial down to the Potomac River) -- and Liz uses her advantage to sit this one out.

Across the street from the US Capitol -- the third part of the challenge is aout balancing on a ledge.

the final two are Rudy and Rebecca. They're outside the White House. It's a step challenge -- 206 steps, one for each contestant who ever appeared on the show. And Rebecca wins immunity.

and then they get to visit the White House. and they get to pick produce and cook a meal with the assistant White House chef.

Last chance workout and Jillian gleefully tortures EVERYONE.

Weigh-in at the Lincoln Memorial. I love the Memorial at night. And to see Mr. LIncoln looking down at the contestants during the weigh-in -- spectacular scenery.

Rebecca weighs in first, she has immunity, but she does well.

Next is Shay...she's lost 9 pounds, and she is BELOW 400 POUNDS!

Tracey is up next. Three pounds, not great but not bad...and she is not happy.

Daniel is nervous and excited as he approaches the scale.11 lbs -- a great loss. and he's safe from elimination.

Allen -- he needs to have lost more than 5 pounds to remain safe. And he lost 9.

Danny comes to the scale. He lost 12 pounds, and he is safe.

Rudy is nervous. 9 pounds, not bad...

Liz...lost 3 pounds, not enough to stay safe. she falls below the yellow line.

Amanda's turn...and as they cut to commercial they focus on the statue of Mr. if we could forget we're in DC....

back from commercial, and continuing with Amanda...she loses 7 pounds. safe!

Tracey and Liz are up for elimination...Tracey is unpopular, but Liz is the bigger threat...

and TRACEY is voted out!!!!!! Oh happy day!!!!

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Joyce-Anne said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy! I know it's mean, but I never liked Tracey. She was unkind and deceitful.

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