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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dysfunction junction

Are all families crazy?

I made a huge mistake in my life.

when I first got divorced my kids were very young, and moving into my parents' house seemed like a good idea.

moving out a few years later would have been good, too.

I am partially  to blame for this family's dysfunction.  my sisters latched on to my kids and used them as an excuse not to have lives of their own.

thgye are 42, have no jobs, no prospects, no income.

and they presume to tell me how to love.

at least I do live.


Joyce-Anne said...

You can't blame yourself for your sisters' lack of motivation. It is their problem. It is/was easier to share in your life than create their own.

songbird's crazy world said...

just noticed...I meant to say "live" not "love", but both apply.

but I set up the situation which facilitated my sisters' dysfunction...and I get the blame.

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