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Sunday, November 22, 2009

restaurant review -- The Melting Pot

OMG, what a decadent evening!!!

We recently ate at the Melting Pot.

The atmophere -- very modern and sophisticated, but dim lighting make sit very cozy.    The wine collection is actually part of the decor, the racks positioned in glass walls so the bottled can be seen.  You don't see many children in a place like this.

the place is called "the Melting Pot" because its specialty is fondue,  Each table comes equipped with a built-in cooktop to keep the fondue warm.

Rather than order wine, we chose cocktails.  Mine was a creme-based concoction  served in a martini glass, they call it a chocoate fontini -- Godiva liquer, Bailey's Irish Creme, Kalhua and milk chocolate -- a fondue in a glass .  One drink and I was pleasantly buzzed.  Drew's been into snagria lately, and this one was light and fruity without being too sweet.

first course was a cheese fondue -- we chose traditional Swiss, cheese mixed with garlic, sherry and seasoned with a little nutmeg, which is served with bits of bread, granny smith apples and raw veggies.

second course was salad.  mine was caesar salad -- romaine lettuce, shaved parmesian, croutons and pine nuts in a caesar dressing.  Drew chose the house salad with ranch dressing -- his salad included a variety of vegetables and even some hard-cooked egg.

entree -- you choose a coooking style, then simmer your raw food in the pot.  we chose coq au vin style, which included red wine, mushrooms, herbs and garlic.  our entree included filet mignon, shrimp, lemon chicken and spinach ravioli.  this was served with a bowl of raw veggies -- mushrooms, potatoes, broccili.

Dessert was white chocloate fondue served with pound cake, cheese cake, strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats, brownies, marshmallows...

Honestly, you could probably have a satisfying experience with just a cheese fondue and a chocloate fondue.  we ate a ton of very good, but very rich, food.

we will most definitely go back for another visit.  in fact, we're bringing friends there next month.


Suzanne said...

I love the Melting Pot. It sounds like you had a great evening.

If you want to go out with the girls, maybe yours has the "Ladies night out" the second Wednesday of the month? (except December and February). Here it's 35 dollars, which includes three courses and gratuity. I was doing that for a while with a friend

Joyce-Anne said...

Sounds yummy.

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