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Saturday, April 11, 2009

songbird salutes the 70's

Remember this?

1976, America's Bicentennial, and we were all crazy for red, white and blue. everyone painted buildings in our colors, displayed flags, showed their patriotism.

wherever you looked, there were images of the flag, images of Colonial America.

my mom even bought a set of Bicentennial placemats -- we still have them, buried somewhere in the garage.

even our money saluted the occasion. remember the bicentennial quarter?

it was the year of Operation Sail, tall ships in NY Harbor on the 4th of July. and Queen elizabeth visiting the United States.

there were other things going on that year...

people were listening to a variety of music, from Queen to Donny and Marie to Tony Orlando to Elton John to John Denver to Heart to Engelbert Humperdink...

at the movies we cheered for Rocky (saw that at the 76 cent theater), got mad as hell during Network, and screamed at Carrie.on TV there was Saturday Night Live ("I'm chevy chase and you're not."), Laverne & Shirley, Charlie's Angels, Baretta, Welcome Back Kotter, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett, and, of course, Johnny Carson.

but the best, of course, were those "Bicentennial Minutes", celebrety-narrated moments on TV discussing events in our history.

no, I'm kidding about that...

but we did make a big fuss over the country's 200th birthday, didn't we?


Suzanne said...

Did you go over to Aqueduct to tour the Great American Freedom Train?

I've got the program here somewhere, along with the patch. Saw the Tall Ships from Jones Beach.

songbird's crazy world said...

I would have loved to have done that!

Joyce-Anne said...

I remember, but do I have to admit to it?

Joyce-Anne said...

I felt I should clarify. I just don't want to admit to being old enough to remember the Bicentennial. But, I will say, however, it was all interesting to see.

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