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Saturday, April 4, 2009

driver's ed can be dangerous!

Becca missed her driver's ed class this morning because she had to take the ACT exam.

so as I drove her over to the school, we both wondered if "mailbox boy" would show up for class today, and if his driving has improved any since last week.

the driver's ed class has been meeting since mid February. there are supposed to be 4 students in the car. but there have been only 3 in Becca's car.

until last week, that is, when "mailbox boy" showed up for the first time. he'd never driven a car before that class.

[FYI we have rural-style mail boxes in this neighborhood, you put your box on a post at the entrance to your driveway]

Becca said: "The 3 of us in the back seat were clutching each other the whole time he was driving. we made double sure our seat belts were buckled. he was driving way too fast, he wasn't listening to the instructor. he almost hit a tree. and then he did hit a mailbox, and it flew up into the air and hit the windshield, and the insrructor got all bent out of shape."

Bad enough I have to worry about my own kid learning how to drive, now I have to worry about someone else's kid learning, too?

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