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Friday, April 3, 2009

looks like it's going to be a child-free zone again

so Jen is coming home Wednesday for Passover (yay!), and will return to school on Easter Sunday. I'll have her home for 4 full days.

Becca is on spring break thurday and Friday of next week, and then the whole week after Easter. she's using the time wisely -- on Easter sunday she's going with her fahter to Washington, DC, they will spend 3 + days in DC looking at colleges.

I am trying so hard to get used to the comings and goings. the child-free house is an occasional thing now, a rare occurrence when both girls are away from home. but the reality is, as Jen becomes more and more involved in her college life, she will return home less and less often. and while the theme for Becca right now is "exploring your options", by this time next year the dialogue will change to "narrowing your choices" -- and then she will be gone.

that portion of my life devoted to day-to-day parenting tasks will be gone.

the "parenting" itslef doesn't stop, it's the focus that will shift.

Becca will sit for her formal senior portrait in about 3 weeks -- it's done during the junior year, so that the portraits can be used in the yearbook. and when I see her in that red cap and gown, I wwill cry. a phase of my life is coming to an end, and a new adventure beckons my daughter.

and new possibilities open up for me as well.


Christina said...

Very exciting transitional times for everyone.

Youngest will be moving up to high school in 2010. This is my final year of intense volunteering for his sports leagues since he will transition to the high school teams at that point. It will be so weird to have that free time open up. OTOH I am kind of addicted to the volunteering thing and will be looking for other opportunities.

songbird's crazy world said...

and there are opportunities in high school, I can tell you. Jen was a cheerleader for 4 years and Becca used to be on dance team, and when we'd do the football games you'd see all the football moms selling refreshments....

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