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Saturday, April 18, 2009

prom season!

Miss Rebecca Alexis has advised me that she is invited to not one, but two proms this spring.

Our school district has done away with "junior prom". They have a semi formal "junior outing" instead, a casual dinner-dance on a party boat that cruises the Great South Bay. the kids don't "pair up" for the outing like they'd do at prom, there are no limos, no formal "after prom" parties.

but that doesn't mean parents of juniors can avoid prom. Especially parents of junior girls. Becca has been invited to junior prom at another school -- a boy she met while working at camp last summer -- and she's been invited to one of the senior proms in our district (we've got 2 high schools, and they both hold prom on the Friday night before graduation).

so we're getting swept up in the dress-hair-makeup scene. and the "mom, I need 2 dresses, I can't wear the same dress to both proms because everyone posts their prom pictures on facebook. but don't worry, mom, there's a Betsey Johnson OUTLET at the new Tanger...."

sigh. Jen bought a dres for the prom she attended in her junior year, wore that dress to Becca's sweet 16. but the dress she bought for her own sennior prom...well, it's never been worn again.

here's Jen in the junior-year prom dress:

and here she is dressed for her own prom:

yes, pink is her favorite color, how on earth did you ever guess?


Suzanne said...

Jen's senior prom dress would look stunning on Becca, but from what I've seen, the girls have very different tastes. Becca tends to go for more classic and Jen's all about the funky/trendy thing.

Good luck with that.

Bellmore-Merrick did the same thing, with Prom the Thursday before graduation. What this meant is that if you went to one of the three schools and got asked by a friend at another, you couldn't go to your own.

songbird's crazy world said...

Becca would love to be compared to Audrey Hepburn, you've pegged her style. she's also a different body type. some dresses work well for both girls...but I doubt Becca would want to wear Jen's dress from last year.

I'm excited for Becca, of course. but my wallent, on the other hand....

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