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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lady Bountiful?

so last night as I was coming home I got a text message from Becca.

Could I please go to subweay and buy lunch for her for school today?

On sunday I spent $$$ at the deli counter in our local supermarket to make sure she'd be able to make herself a sandwich, so the request for Subway was...unexpected.

it seems one of her friends...his parents went to Europe to visit his older sister, who is studying abroad this year...they left him home alone (he's a high school junior and very responsible)...they're due back tonight or tomorrow morning...and he "didn't have anything to bring to school for lunch."

now, I know that my daughter's definition of "there's not food in the house" means she's looked at the bounty in the refrigerator, the freezer and the pantry but nothing appeals to her and she'd rather have take-out.

I also know that the school lunch lady will let you buy lunch on credit if you don't have the $2 in your pocket that day.

so I knew the kid wouldn't starve.

and I could have told her to make two sandwiches.

I bought two sandwiches and two bags of chips.


Joyce-Anne said...

I can soooo see myself there in another few years. Recently, the PTA held a book fair at school and I volunteered for it. Three girls (in my daughter's Brownie troop but not in her class) didn't have $$ to buy a book...of course, I paid for their books.

songbird's crazy world said...

LOL...I think a lot of moms would do the same.

I know the kid wasn't going to starve...but he's been Becca's friend since elementary school, so...

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