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Friday, April 10, 2009

deja vu

because my girls are so close in age, I barely have time to recover from participating in the rights of passage for my older daughter, when I find myself doing the same with the younger daughter.

I feel like we just went to Jen's graduation, it's hard to believe she will finish her first year of college in just a few weeks.

Becca is a junior this year, which means she's been taking college entrance exams and visiting college campuses. in a few weeks she will sit for her formal senior portrait, and shortly after that we will receive the "proofs" -- and I will see my baby in cap and gown.

and then she will go to the junior outing,a semi formal held in lieu of a junior prom (which does not involve all those after=prom issues!)

and today she informed me that one of her friends, a boy who goes to the other high school in our district, has invited her to senior prom.

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