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Saturday, April 4, 2009

it's starting again

I think every parent understands the worry abject fear the parents of newly-minted drivers live with.

in our town, there is no such thig as public transportation, the only way to get anywhere is by auto. younger teens must rely on mom or dad or the carpool to go anywhere, and parents have at least a semblance of control over their children's whereabouts and safety.

as Jen's friends began to turn 17, trading inthose restrictive junior licenses for a regular license and adult privileges, the dialogue became "who is driving? how long have they had a license? where are you going? what time will you be home? text me when you get there and when you're leaving..."

and then you hope and pray that your child has common sense and a sense of self preservation....

when Jen finally got her license, that first time she took my car out for the evening....I think I sat here the whole night NOT BREATHING. couldn't sleep until I heard the car on the driveway and she came through the door.

I stillcan't sleep when she's out for the evening. she laughs at me. "but Mom, when I'm away at school, you have no idea where I am or what time I come in."

true. so true. and the sense of worry, though ever-present, is different when I'm not physically waiting for her to come home. but still, when she's not at school, I can't sleep until she's safely through that door.

Becca is 16, almost 17, and learning to drive. her friends are starting to turn 17. she's out tonight with a friend who drives.

I will not be able to sleep until I hear her come thorugh that door.

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