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Monday, April 13, 2009

I know I'm being bitchy, but I feel vindicated

Becca has long since gotten over being cut from the dance team, but I haven't.

Not after what the coach told me. after she cut my daughter, coach told me she was "raising the bar" because she wanted to do more national comeptitions, and what was "good enough" in the past was not going to work anymore.

I took it very personally.

I followed the team this year. It's not hard to do, the various organizations that run the competitions post their schedules and results on line.

two years ago, the team won the Long Island championships in jazz and hip hop (they don't do kick or pom). they did 2 national competitions, in florida and in Myrtle Beach, with mediocre results. they didn't place at all in florida, and they got 3rd place awards in jazz and hip hop in Mryrtle Beach, and nothing for modern or lyrical.

last year they couldn't compete in the Long island championships because it was held on the same day as one of the national events. they did 3 different nationals. once again they came away empty-handed in florida, but won championships in NYC and Myrtle Beach, placing in every category and taking 1st in several categories.

this year -- nothing in florida. in NYC they had a 3rd place in lyrical and a 3rd place in modern, nothing in jazz or hip hop, not great but not pathetic either. in Myrtle Beach...nothing in jazz or hip hop, a 2nd place in lyrical (there were only 2 teams in the category)and a 1st in modern -- BUT THEY WERE THE ONLY TEAM IN THE CATEGORY. can you really call it "winning a championship" when you don't have any opponents?

what must have really burned, though it seeing a hated rival -- another team from Long Island -- in their first trip to Myrtle Beach -- winning 1st in kick, 2nd in pom, an award for "most creative kick sequence" and an overall grand championship award.

but my daugher wasn't "good enough" for this new, "elite" team.

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