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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

killer, part II: it's a wild animal, set it free!

so Miss Daisy brought us a little present saturday night, I wrote about it here. it's not unusual for the felines to bring us presents, we live next to an 18 acre nature preserve, Lord knows what you can find in the woods.

as I said, we were able to rescue the baby bunny.

what I neglected to mention was ...what happened to the critter.

Daisy brought the poor thing into the house.

when it escaped, it hid in the laundry sisters looked all over that laundry room but couldn't find the critter.

until yesterday, Tuesday. both cats -- Mr. Kitty as well as Daisy -- developed a fascination for the area immediately under a chest of drawers that's been sitting in the laundry room since the dawn of time.

guess who was under the chest of drawers?

upon being discovered, the bunny made a beeline into the kitchen, and hid behind the refrigerator.

have you ever seen the dust and dirt that can accumulate behind a refrigerator? GROSS.

anyhow, late last night my sister was finaly able to get the bunny into a pet taxi.

when I came downstairs this morning, the pet taxi -- with its furry occupant -- was in the living room.

and so were two cats. gee, i wonder why?

herein lies the problem.

my sisters have grown quite fond of baby bunny. they fed the critter, several times, and have kept it in the pet taxi. the excuse proffered is that "if we release this bunny back into the wild, Daisy or Mr. Kitty will chase it again, maybe kill it this time."

for crying out loud...

it's a wild animal, it doesn't belong in our living room.

for crying out loud, walk through the back yard to the fence, and release baby bunny into the woods. simple, really.

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