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Friday, October 17, 2008

Train trouble...ugh!

The LIRR is experiencing major delays from Penn to Jamaica tonight - signal problems. On a Friday, no less.

But I guess I shouldn't complain...J.let us all go home at 4:20 and I made the 5:22, first stop Wyandanch.

So I am blogging from the train.

The musician I saw in Penn tonight was actually pretty good - classical violin. Some of the artists who play Penn are very good - I actually bought 2 of Wendy Savits' CD's ( have always liked folk music). And the musical styles are varied -classical, folk, rock, doo wop, bluegrass....but sometimes I am glad I have my iPod and can tune them out. It seems that these days any loser with a karaoke machine can call himself a "singer" and get a performance slot at Penn.

But it does keep things interesting, doesn't it?

So it's Friday night and i am wondering if Becca has plans for the night. I would prefer that she stay home because she's taking the PSAT tomorrow. But Becca has always been self-driven academically - you never had to remind her to do homework - so if she chooses to spend some time with friends tonight I won't say no.

Well, the train is moving faster now...almost as if the engineer is trying to make up for lost time.

You know what else I haven't seen around? Campaign posters. Lawns are buried in those signs during a local election, but during a presidential campaign, nothing. Guess it's because I live in a blue state.

Of course, I wear my political passions on my sleeve. I worked on local Democratic campaigns in high school and registered as a Democrat as soon as I turned 18. But surprisingly, in my first Presidential election I voted for a third party candidate. I couldn't vote for Reagan and I wouldn't vote for Carter, and Anderson had been so eloquent when he spoke at my school (SUNY Albany).

Jen is a bit upset because her birthday is 11/7, 3 days after Election Day...imagine turning 18 right after the most significant presidential election of our time. I almost wish I could go back 18 years and give birth 3 days earlier.


Suzanne said...

Poor kid. Years from know, when it's the election that everyone talks about, she'll hate having to explain her b'day is a few days later.

The two November siblings, Nov 5th and 9th, turned 18 two years and a year before the 1980 election.

I suspect if you go down Deer Park Avenue and I give you directions, you will find a HUGE sign in my brother's front yard.

songbird's crazy world said...

Deer Park Avenue...I'm on DPA every day. I suspect I will find your brother's house if I drive far enough down the road.

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