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Thursday, October 23, 2008

children were put here to drive you crazy

Jen's coming home from college tomorrow. I've been asking her for a week which trains she taking back and forth, but she still hasn't bought her Amtrak tickets.

anyone care for some wonton soup or spareribs? I've got a ton of leftovers from last night.


Suzanne said...

I'd ask for some wonton soup, but I'm stuffed from the pizza.

So, did Jen have to take a taxi home from the train station because she forgot to tell you when she was arriving?

songbird's crazy world said...

nope...she finally told me which train...and called from Penn when she got on the LIRR...and my sister picked her up in Hicksville. she's on Amtrak right now, headed back to school, and she's got a friend lined up to meet her at the station and drive back to the dorm.

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