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Monday, October 27, 2008

gotta change an answer...

on the MeMe last week I said I don't like bleu cheese.

guess what.

had gorgonzola with my lunch today -- au bon pain makes a dish with tureky, gorgonzola, cranberry chutney and asparagus.

I guess I like bleu cheese after all.


Suzanne said...

Haven't seen an Au Bon Pain in eons. I didn't realize they still existed.

Panera makes a salad I adore with Gorgonzola, the Fuji Apple Chicken. I just get them to swap out Feta for the Gorgonzola, then I'm good to go. No allergy woes that way.

songbird's crazy world said...

au bon pain has a store in the lobby of my office building, I'm there frequently.

my kidlets love Panera, I took them there yesterday for lunch.

that salad sounds good, with either kind of cheese.

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