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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't Drink the Water!

No, not the name of some Mexican tourist guide or an old Jackie Gleason TV movie.

So last night my mom says to me "Jen said the school may send everybody home." it seems they had a little water contamination issue going on -- the dreaded e coli. I called jen, and she told me that the problem's been going on for days now, they told the students it's OK to use the water to shower but not to drink, and they've been brushing their teeth with bottled water. She didn't know what caused the problem, what the school is doing to solve the problem or when the problem will be resolved.

My daughter being SO informative, I had to check out the school's website myself. Here are the details: the school uses its own well to supply water to the campus. they test the water for contaminants every week. Last thursday-- the 16th -- they got a "positive" for e coli near the Biology building. since it's possible to get a false positive, they came back Friday and tested again -- and got two samples with e coli. they began posting signs all over the campus on Friday, but didn't send out an e mail alert to the students until Sunday, they "forgot". (Lord help them if there's ever an emergency!) they've been handing out free bottles of water to the students for days now. but according to the school website, they flushed the affected area with chlorine and they think they've cured the problem -- though they still don't know what caused it in the first place.

You know, last week there was a water contamination issue near my office. a water main broke on Tuesday, and everyone in the affected area was told to boil water for a full minute before consuming it. as it turned out, there was no contamination in the water supply, but from tuesday through friday I wound up bringing bottled water from home. and I kept thinking "at least I don't live here, I can go home and drink tap water...."

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