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Monday, October 20, 2008

Politics and all that

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Overnight the campaign signs have sprouted up. And on my street that means the signs are mostly Republican. that doesn't reflect the demographic, it's just that the Democrats in my neighborhood don't feel the need to advertise right now.

and the guy who sellls t-shirts and hats and front of the PATH Station at the World Trade center is selling many more Obama-Biden items than McCain-Palin merchandise.

As Obama's lead widens, the campaign is getting nastier and nastier. I hear McCarthy-istic rhetoric coming from right wingers and I want to cringe.

This race is going to be won on economic issues, though. the Wall Street bailout is just the beginning, i'm afraid. In the past few weeks I've noticed something that I haven't seen in NYC since the Dinkins administration. The homeless are back on the subway trains in huge numbers. today I saw a homeless man, dressed in rags and smelling awful, talking to himself for about 20 minutes because when he got onto the train, a young lady deliberately moved away from him because of his unpleasant aroma, and he took offense at her actions...I'm not used to that anymore. You'd see it in the 80's frequently, but more recently...well, if someone was talking "to himself" in public, he was probably on his bluetooth. I know that the homeless never truly disappeared in the 90's, but to see them in the subway, in such numbers....well, the pr9oblem must be increasing. and that is truly alarming.

I know I wear my political heart on my sleeve...a registered Democrat, definitely to the left of cneter....but not too far to the left. I think my political philosophy springs from my religious beliefs....tikkun olam. tzedakah. mitzvot. it is our responsibility to take care of the weakest members of our society, we are a community and must all take care of each other.


Suzanne said...

From a friend in NC, the word comes that McCain has pulled out of that state.

songbird's crazy world said...

it's sounding more and more like McCain is just giving up. I like McCain, think he's a decent Senator who sold his ethical soul to the devil in order to run for president -- the devil being the powers that be at the GOP, the ones who made him choose Palin. now, pailn...don't get me started.

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