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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday night...

And I'm home alone. and loving the peace and quiet. Becca is at a sweet 16 tonight, they went into the city, and she does not need me to act the chauffeur. unlike this afternoon, of course.

she asked me to pick up A and drop them off at the new Halloween store, they met up with S. the three girls plan to dress alike for Halloween. I went to CVS while they shopped. they didn't like anything at the store, so they asked me to drive them over to Party City. I shopped in target and Michael's. S and A found a costume, but they didn't have it in Becca's size. back to the Halloween store, but they had a different costume.

so I drove the kids home, and Becca got ready for J's sweet 16 -- they went into the city, but I don't know what they planned to do there. dropped Becca off at J's house, then drove up to Cedarhurst Paper. they had a costume very similar to the one the other girls bought. I would have bought it, but they didn't have it in Becca's size.

next I stopped at the UPS store to drop off a package, made a trip to the ATM and to CVS -- forgot to buy something earlier -- and picke dup some Chinese for dinner.

and now I'm on line.

and guess what! I found the costume, in her size!
just placed the order, got free shipping too.


Suzanne said...

Woohoo for free shipping!

I was given some Halloween Candy on Facebook, which reminded me that Ed wanted some candy eyeballs to redo his profile picture. Off to Oriental Trading-hope they've got free shipping!

songbird's crazy world said...

I love Oriental Trading, they always have interesting stuff.

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