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Thursday, October 30, 2008

life, the universe and everything

2 points for anyone who can tell me where they've heard that phrase before (hint, it's a book title).

I love my daughters, I truly do, but obviously there are things they haven't seemed to learn from me...

I was on the train last night when becca started texting me...she needed to go shopping ASAP to buy a pinata. seems Madame President was planning a party for the Spanish club today in honor of El Dia de los Muertos. My guess is she's known about the part for at least a week, maybe two, but waited until last night -- when I had a board meeting at the temple -- to tell me about it. she's lucky her aunt andie loves her. she got the perfect pinata, it looks like a skeleton's skull.

today was the frantic texting from Jen. this coming weekend is family weekend at URI. Drew and I are planning to visit our oldest child, of course, though I'm not sure Becca will be joining us. (she wants to stay home, she's got a freind who lives in florida coming to NY for a visit. of course, I could make her go up to the college, but who wants to be with a grumpy, miserable 16 year old all weekend?)

now, back in september, I booked the hotel for family weekend, and purchased tickets for the saturday night show -- Jay Leno at the Ryan Center. I asked jen if she wanted to go to the sunday brunch with the university president, and she said "no". and I asked her about the football game. I really did.

but I never got an answer, until the frantic texting today. texting that said "buy the football tickets on line NOW!"

so I dropped everything to buy the tickets -- URI v. U Mass. Should be a good game.


Suzanne said...

What are they going to do when the adults don't consider these things an emergency?

Oy, it's a wonder you haven't pulled all your hair out!

songbird's crazy world said...

heaven help my kids when they finally reach that point.

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