John’s Song of the Day brought back a pleasant memory.

My blog post from 2009:  ever have a moment that’s just magical?

Becca celebrated her 15th  birthday by bringing a group of her friends into Manhattan to see a revival of The Fantasticks. She had an unforgettable encounter with Anthony Federov, a performer in the show, a young man who had gained quite a following during his appearances on American Idol.  It was an incredible evening,

Sigh…it seems like yesterday, but it was 17 years ago …


  1. That long ago? I haven't watched American Idol in years and years, but I do remember him .

  2. It doesn't seem like 2009 was that long ago, but it was. Nice memory.

  3. 2009 feels like so long ago but not at the same time. I was 16 then!
    I don't remember American Idol from that long ago lol.
    I don't know if I've had any truly magical moments, I guess when my husband proposed? I wouldn't say that was magical, though it was pretty amazing.

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