Friday, October 11, 2019

Rocktober with the Rolling Stones

So it was October 1989. The Stones were on their Steel Wheels tour.  We saw the show in Shea Stadium.  Sat in nosebleed territory and nearly froze to death.  It was the best concert I ever saw.

Fast forward to August 2019.  My-daughter-who-lives-in-Manhattan a/k/a my-daughter-with-the-rich-boyfriend has the pleasure of seeing the Stones at Metlife Stadium, and their tickets are in the pit.   Can I admit to being jealous?

And, of course, we must include this one:


  1. Love The Stones! Thanks for the great playlist. We finally saw them live in 2013, for their 50th Anniversary Tour. Also "nosebleed" seats, but there were huge monitors. Mick and the boys had the same energy as in their younger days. Long may they rock! 😎🤘

  2. Yes! Great minds today! It's also ironic that I was also just outside of Shea Stadium in October 1989. It was my first visit to the city and my brother and his wife were showing me the sights. They lived in Queens at the time.

    I think the Stones will be around forever!


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