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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lays -- fried green tomato????

Every summer Lays creates  new and interesting flavors, some successful, some not.

This summer Lay's has given us three new flavors:  fried green tomato, everything bagel with cream cheese,  and crispy taco.  The only one I have been able to find:

Fried green tomatoes, a southern staple.  Unripened tomatoes dredged in breadcrumbs or dipped in batter, then fried to a golden brown.  A real comfort food.

These chips don't remind me of any type of southern comfort.

I know many people like a zesty sauce with any sort of deep friend veggie -- onions, pickles, whatever.  And  I like a little spice in my food.  

But I felt like the spice overwhelmed the other flavors.  Sorry, I won't be buying this one again.


Liz A. said...

Oh, so fried green tomatoes are something like fried zuccini? Ah. I never knew what they were before. I'd only heard of them because of the movie.

songbird's crazy world said...

Yeah, Paula Deen dips them in batter and then deep fries them.

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