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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Fabulous 50's

So, with all my recent posts about Weight Watchers and Planet may be wondering...

I have had a weight issue my entire adult life.  I was overweight in college.  I was overweight when I got married.  I gained a ton of weight when I was pregnant.  In 2005 I had a very serious health issue, and afterwards I joined Weight Watchers and lost 70 pounds.  I was still far away from my goal weight, but I felt good.

Until I stopped following the plan.  And regained all of it back, and more.  If you read some of my blog posts from 2008-2009, you'll see me struggling with the weight issue.  All that hard work, and ...well, let's just call it a "learning experience".

Well, last winter, I had another health issue.  Seemed like everyone in my contacts list had the same first name: doctor.  And all of my new best friends told me the same thing: lose weight.
So, on March 15, 2015 I reactivated my Weight Watchers membership and bought a Fitbit.

Yes, today is my anniversary.  And yes, I've been successful.  Yesterday was my weigh-in day.  I have lost a total of 51 pounds!!!!!

I have another 15 pounds to go to get to the weight I was in 2008.  If I continue to lose a pound a week, I'll hit that goal sometime this summer.

People are starting to notice the weight loss.  My clothes are too big.  And most important, I feel so much better. 

This time around, I will get to goal.  And stay there.

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Suzanne said...

Brava! Keep up the good work!!!!!

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