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Sunday, March 27, 2016

A civilized movie-going experrience

So it used to be that when you went to the movies, you'd buy a ticket, walk into the theater and choose your seat.

Which meant, for blockbuster movies, that you had to get to the theater very early and stand on line forever to get good seats.  And then watch all the latecomers try to find seats.  It can get a bit...spirited.

And then we noticed that some movie theaters were installing recliners instead of regular theater seats.  You pick your assigned seat when you purchase your ticket.

But we like to see those special-effects heavy blockbusters in IMAX, and none of the IMAX theaters had assigned seating.

Until now.

Well, they're not recliners per se, but they are comfortable, padded armchairs.  We bought our tickets on line the night before, selected our seats.

What a civilized experience!

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