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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Another this And That

Drew returned to work this week, but he's finding it difficult -- he's still recovering from the surgery, and all the workday activity is leaving him exhausted. He's counting down to Easter -- a very short break this year, because Easter is at the end of March and Passover is at the end of April. (The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, and every few years we add an extra month to make sure the holidays stay in the correct season.)

In fact, taking advantage of the gap between Easter and Passover synagogue's annual Passover wine tasting event will be on Easter Sunday.  It's a great event, the wine merchant brings a lot of samples, and people can place their orders.  The synagogue makes a little money off the sales.  My job is to provide the cheese, crackers, hummus, etc.  If you add food, it becomes a social event.

This weekend brings another sign of spring -- Daylight Savings Time.  We "spring forward".  Which means that next week sunset will be after 7:00 PM.

That's good news for me.  It means that, weather permitting, I can go up to Sunken Meadow after work to walk on the boardwalk.  I'm loving my workouts at Planet Fitness, but I do like to change things up, and my outdoor walks have always been fun.

And yes, the weather has been improving.  Not that we had a bad winter; with the exception of a blizzard and one week of bone-chilling temperatures, it's been very mild.  This week has been unseasonably mild, with daytime temperatures in the 60's. I'm not complaining.

but I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather.  Not that we have much planned for the summer -- we have that big vacation in October, after all -- but I like outdoor walks, I like swimming, I like going to baseball games, all the things we do in the spring and summer months.

Now that Drew has taken care of his own medical issues, he can turn his attention back to his uncle.  Marvin isn't doing well, earlier this month he wound up back in the hospital.  Drew needs to get over to the nursing home to check out how things are going.

We found out, through Facebook and through mutual friends, that Drew's sister Shelley is having surgery next week.  She has an ongoing issue with her shoulder.   One of the friends mentioned that there's an ongoing drama over going out for Shelley's birthday -- her birthday is tomorrow. 

The mutual friends want to heal the rift between Drew and Shelley.  Drew is agreeable to that, it was Shelley who stopped talking to him, it was Shelley who said "I don't have a brother anymore".  I suggested he send her a birthday card ...

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