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Saturday, January 23, 2016

OMG, Billy Joel

Here on Long Island, Billy Joel is more than just a rock star, he's "one of us".

Long Island has produced more than its fair share of talent -- Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, Pat Benatar, Natalie Portman, Eddy Murphy, Mariah Carey, the Baldwins ...But Billy Joel revels in his Long Island roots, he identifies as a Long Islander, his lyrics refer to many local places  -- Oyster Bay, Cold Spring Harbor, Montauk,

As a person in their 20's if they know any Billy Joel songs, and I'm not sure you'll get an answer.  Ask that question of a 20-something who grew up on Long Island, and you're bound to hear "Sing us a song, you're the Piano Man..."  It's become our regional anthem.  They sing it at Citi Field during Mets games.

The Nassau Coliseum, now closed for renovations, had one final concert.  And who was asked to perform that night?  Our native son.

Proving once again that he's a local, Billy Joel has now pledged $1 million to Long Island's performing arts high school.  And it's not just money, he's actually going to meet with the students.  He' s hoping that his participation will revive interest in the school, will bring in new enrollment, and will keep the program alive. 

He said:

“I went to public school on Long Island and I am grateful for the music program and my music teachers for helping provide me the tools for which I have based my career,” the singer wrote then. “I understand that closing this school does not mean the end of the music and arts programs on Long Island, but it does indicate our willingness to abandon a school that has been there for 40 years.”

Billy Joel pledges $1M to save Long Island High School for the Arts

Billy's $1M Gift

(And yeah, it made the front page of the paper.)


bookworm said...

When famous people remember their roots and the communities they grew up in, that is a beautiful thing. Bobby Darin, who, like me, was from the Bronx, was said to respond personally to a lot of his fan mail and would even call a fan on the phone from time to time. Alana

songbird's crazy world said...

That's great.

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