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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another This and That

So we survived the blizzard of 2016, the record-breaking snowfall.  Hibernated during the storm, dug out afterwards, and now, as the snow melts, things are gradually returning to normal.  Or rather, what passes for "normal" around here.

Small "be prepared" victory of the week.  Normally I'm the type who waits until I run out of something to restock, but thanks to the blizzard...On the way to Drew's house last Friday, I stopped to buy  Diet Pepsi -- my weakness and current vice.  I couldn't imagine riding out the storm without it.  While I was in the store, I noticed that they had windshield washer fluid on sale for a really good price, so I bought a bottle.  Figured I'd need it eventually.  Well, "eventually" became "Monday morning."  I tried to clean up the windshield after I'd scraped off the ice, but the reservoir was dry.    The bottle I bought on Friday really came in handy.

I took the online test to be a contestant on "Jeopardy!"  It was fun, but difficult.  Who knows where it may lead?

Mike Piazza will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the weekend of July 22.  The following weekend, July 30, the Mets will retire his number.   I'm breaking out my Piazza jersey...

Spring training begins in 3 weeks!    The Mets' pitchers and catchers report on February 18 -- a present for my birthday?

It might be the only birthday celebration I get.  Drew is still trying to schedule his surgery, but he's really hoping he can do it that week.

But at least my doctor's report was a good one!  He's thrilled I lost weight, he says if I keep it up he might take me off the high blood pressure medication.  The best part was handing him my iPad and showing him how it tracks food, nutrition, etc.

Anyone want to join me for a walk at the mall tonight?

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bookworm said...

I went to school with someone who ended up winning one game on Jeopardy. It was a wonderful experience for her. I'll hope for the best.Good luck! Alana

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