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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Congrats to Mike Piazza

Yes, one of my favorite NY Mets has been elected to the Hall of Fame!  I can't  wait to see his plaque go up on the wall in Cooperstown.

I've posted this before -- several times, I'm sure -- but my favorite Mike Piazza moment took place in Shea Stadium on 9/21/2001. 

Remember, after 9/11, MLB suspended all games, as we tried to cope with the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.  Shea Stadium became a focal point for the rescue efforts, a depot for supplies destined for Ground Zero.  When the season resumed, both the Mets and Yankees played their first games out of town.

So the first post 9/11 game to be played in NYC was at Shea, on 9/21.  the Mets versus their arch rivals, the Atlanta Braves. .  It was an emotional night, I remember watching on TV.  The Mets wore the caps of NYC's first responders.  Liza Minelli sang  "New York, New York." 

And then Piazza hit that home run.  And the emotions became overwhelming.

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