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Sunday, January 24, 2016


We hadn't had much snow this winter.  Unseasonably warm in December, just a dusting of snow earlier this month.

We more than made up for it this weekend.  We got hit with a monster blizzard.  The entire region shut down.  No public transportation, travel bans on major roads.  Concerns about flooding because it's a full moon. By noon there was a foot of snow on the ground, and we'd just hit the height of the storm.

By late afternoon they were talking about a record-breaking 24" to 30" or more.

Best thing to do under the circumstances is to find a place to ride out the storm and hunker down.

I spent the weekend at Drew's.  (No surprise there.)  After work Friday we made sure to have enough food, soda, snacks, etc. to last through the weekend.  Food, cable, internet, what more do you need to survive the storm?

And think about all the calories I'll burn when we shovel out the cars!  Yes, the white mound in the foreground is my car.

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bookworm said...

We are used to lots of snow upstate, but not all at one time. There is almost no snow on the ground where I live near Binghamton. We were supposed to be in Yonkers today for a family event - which, obviously, was postponed. Alana

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