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Friday, January 9, 2015

Pastrami Plus

So our small group of friends was tired of Chinese takeout and wanted something different.  We introduced them to one of our favorites, Pastrami Plus.

I had my usual pastrami on rye.  Nice sized sandwich.  Not the huge, overstuffed sandwich you'd find at a NYC deli, but large enough to share if you choose to do so.  Kasha varnishkes came with a savory brown gravy. 

As for the others?  The chopped liver appetizer was almost enough for a meal.  Chicken noodle soup was flavorful and comforting.  Tongue was lean and tasty (or so I'm told, I would never eat it).  Gabila's knishes, what could be bad?  Yes, they have cooked onions for your hot dog.  The meal came with an ample supply of cole slaw and pickles

Lovely meal, happy group of friends, we will be back again.

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