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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Colony Diner

Old friends who have moved away come back to visit. And where do we go for lunch? The diner, of course. There are lots of good diners on Long Island, but none at all where our friends live now.
So off we went to Colony Diner.
Lunchtime on the weekend and the place was crowded, but still they found a table for us with very little wait time. Service was friendly and efficient.
Food was ... Well, typical diner. Huge portions which, for the most part, were very tasty. Chief complaint of the meal -- the friend who ordered matzoh ball soup thought the matzoh balls were bland and would have been better if they'd simmered in the soup for awhile. The paninis were excellent -- I loved my Cubano (roast pork, ham, cheese and pickles). Steak and prime rib paninis were enjoyed as well. Fries were hot and crispy. No complaints about the bison burger or eggs Benedict.
Diner craving satisfied, our friends went in search of bagels for the long ride home ...

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