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Monday, January 26, 2015

hunkering down part 2

So Drew is back home, and the cars have been arranged on the driveway to facilitate shoveling out after the storm.

Becca changed her mind and went home.  She left work at noon so she'd be home before rush hour -- after she heard  that NYC subways  LIRR and MetroNorth, as well as the highways, were planning to shut down. Mayor DiBlasio has announced a complete travel ban for the city, and the governor is anticipating a similar ban for the state.   Seems that we've been hit with so many bad storms that our government agencies have learned to anticipate and prepare for transit problems.

Drew's school district decided on early dismissal,today,  and the NYC public schools will be closed tomorrow.  I got a text message from my public library that the buildings would close at noon.  Surprisingly, however, although our school district cancelled after school activities, they did not go for early dismissal, and did not announce that school will be closed tomorrow.

So I have the TV news on, and they're talking about cancelled flights, cancelled sporting events (Knicks and Nets were both supposed to play tonight), school closings, travel bans.  Even Broadway shows are cancelled tonight.

There are a couple of inches on the ground, but it's getting heavier now...

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