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Monday, January 26, 2015

hunkering down

Stormaggedon.  Snowpocalypse.  Words being bandied about by the TV meteorologists.  No doubt about it, a blizzard is headed our way.  They're saying we could get two feet of snow.  The light snow began about an hour ago, the heart of the storm is expected tonight.

So I'm weathering the storm at Drew's house.  Becca is headed to her friend's apartment in the city.    My parents and sisters will be holding down the fort at home.  Not sure what Jen plans to do, maybe her boyfriend's house, maybe a friend's, maybe she'll stay home.  The house is still in the process of renovations, they don't have a working kitchen, but with the new boiler just installed, at least they'll be warm.

The supermarket and gas station were crazy last night.  I think people lose their minds when a bad storm is coming.  A friend of mine calls it a "French toast emergency", people go nuts buying milk and bread and eggs,

The thing that I am truly thankful for today?  Remote access.  I am sitting in Drew's den, about to begin my work day.  No need to panic over missed work days, my laptop is the only tool I need.

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