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Saturday, March 22, 2014

This and that

So I finished Mark Cohen's biography of Allan Sherman, and the library informs me that A Gift of Laughter is ready for pickup.  Getting my homework done!

I spotted the first robin of spring yesterday.  The sweet little songbird was on Drew's lawn.  I have a certain affinity for robins...just because my name is Robin doesn't mean anything, does it?  :-)

Of course Drew had to make a joke about robins becoming extinct if they're not careful...we have a running joke about a street in his neighborhood, Robin Lane, and every time I say how delightful that street name is, he jokes about eradicating the name...

There is no questioning that Jen is Drew's daughter.  Yesterday her allergies kicked in, poor kid was sneezing so hard, I gave her my bottle of Claritin.   Drew's allergies kicked in today.  Same sneeze.

I drove past the late, lamented Potter's Pub today.  That place was a big hangout for Hofstra students.  In my three years of law school I don't think I ever went there, but yet the fact that it closed makes me sad...another piece of my youth is gone.

Becca is spending the weekend out of town, she went to visit her boyfriend at his school.  She's still on spring break, he was done with spring break before she even started hers.

Major disappointment yesterday.  The Rockettes were supposed to present a show this spring, Heart and Lights, all about NYC.  Drew bought tickets for the show even before the media blitz.  The show was supposed to run March 27-May 4.  Yesterday, just days before it was supposed to open,  he got an email saying the show was cancelled/postponed until next year for "technical reasons."  Today the Daily News is reporting that although ticket sales were excellent, James Dolan, owner of MSG Entertainment, pulled the plug because he didn't like the show.

With all the toys we bought for that cat, you would think...I just saw Duchess batting an empty Milk Duds box across the kitchen floor.

Yes, I am bored today.  How did you guess?

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