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Friday, March 28, 2014


If you're a Long Islander, that name brings about visions of white boxes with blue writing, of cakes and pies and cookies on supermarket shelves. Specially decorated cookies or cupcakes for holidays: green icing for St. Patrick's Day, orange and chocolate sprinkles for Halloween. It's a regional bakery with a large assortment of products.

Yesterday the company announced that it was closing its Bay Shore plant, which was its main site for decades, and relocating those functions to another plant.

No big deal for the consumer, right? Except that it means they're also closing the factory outlet store.

When I was a little girl my parents would take the drive to Bay Shore to buy cakes and etc. at the outlet. Back then we ate a lot of baked goods, there weren't a lot of supermarkets in our area, and the choices and markdowns at the outlet made it worth the time and effort to drive to Bay Shore. You'd see the boxes, with red or black slashes drawn on them indicating how close the product was to its freshness date

Our family story -- my father once went to Entenmann's with just my sisters F and A, who must have been about two years old at the time. (And yes, back then they were truly identical.) The girls got away from him, and F opened a box of cake, something with chocolate icing. Within seconds she was covered in frosting.

Another customer, a woman, walked F to the front of the store and asked "Whose child is this?"

My poor father, dying of embarrassment, responded "I don't know, but let me take her so I can find out."

Then he took the hands of both girls and made a beeline for the exit.

Ah, well. Another entry into the story of "Long Island places that are no more."

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