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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sigh - family troubles - again

This time it's Drew's sister.

S lives with Uncle M, her father's brother. Uncle M lost his wife a few years ago, and they never had children. When he moved in with S he was healthy and vital, and still working despite having reached retirement age. Now he is 87 and in poor health. S has become his caregiver. She is not happy about it and she's doing a very poor job of it.

S recently told Drew "Uncle M can't come to Becca's graduation. He will have dialysis that day." This statement was followed by a dozen reasons why S can't come to the graduation either.

Really? Really?

I kind of think that the medical staff over at a Good Sam, given 3 months' notice, could figure out a way for Marvin to go to graduation. S just doesn't want to put in the effort because she doesn't want to go.


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