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Monday, March 3, 2014

Mother Nature, you've gone too far...when will it be spring?

Drew and I were supposed to get together with friends yesterday.  A nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant, with friends we've known since forever, to celebrate our recent birthdays.

Except that everyone was panicked over the impending snowstorm.  Forecast said the snow would begin sometime Sunday, get worse overnight and create a disaster for the Monday morning commute.

By mid-afternoon we decided to postpone.  Not worth the hassle.

So of course the snow didn't happen.  At least, not here -- southern New Jersey took the hit, but we just got a dusting of snow.  Just enough to cover the grass.

I shouldn't complain about it.  You don't have to shovel "a dusting" of snow, after all.

But I am so sick of this weather!!!

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