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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sad tonight

Most of you will not have heard of Debbie Friedman.

She's well known in the Jewish world, not so much outside of it.

She is a singer/songwriter who focuses on religious themes. She sings in Hebrew and in English, with a style similar to the folksingers of the 1960's.

I first discovered her music in 1998. It was love from the first note.

When I was ill six years ago, her music provided comfort and hope.

Yesterday I learned that Cantor Friedman is critically ill. The woman who has given so many of us healing now needs prayers for healing herself.

There are certain performers who touch your soul. When they're hurting, it's like one of your friends is in pain. I have felt a sadness since I learned of Friedman's illness.

I am praying tonight.

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