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Thursday, January 6, 2011

NaBloPoMo prompt - the day I was born

Everyone has a "birth" story, details shared by the family about the day you were born.  even if nothing momentous happened that day (other than the obvious), the family will recall the otherwise the ordinary circumstances and funny anecdotes that make up the story of how you came into the world.

My birthday, as you know, is February 18, 1960.   I was born 11 months after my parents' wedding.  My father says "people were counting on their fingers..."

My parents always joked that if I'd been born on the 15th, and had I been a  boy, my name would have been "Ben Hur (our last name)". My father, a teacher, took his classes to see Ben Hur (great movie, by the way, about Israel under the Romans in the first century.)  My mother went with them.  They joked about having the baby in the movie theater and naming him after the movie in hopes of getting some sort of prize from the theater management.

My father's birthday is February 17.  For his birthday dinner that year, my mother prepared one of his favorite meals  -- spaghetti and meatballs.  I've always been fond of pasta dishes, can't imagine why.

My mother says the day I was born was so stormy that the glass doors of the hospital blew right off their hinges.  That must have been a bit scary. 

Can't believe I'll be celebrating another birthday in 6 weeks....

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