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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the orange cat

When I got home last night I was greeted by a rather large orange cat -- gender undetermined-- was sitting on my porch, crying as if it wanted to come into my house. 

We have two cats, neither of which is orange.

This was a full grown cat, not a kitten.  Clean, well-groomed, very friendly (wanted me to pet it) and looked well fed and healthy.  Although it did have a stub, as if its tail had been amputated long ago. Or perhaps one of its ancestors was one of those breeds that doesn't have much of a tail. Obviously someone's lost (or abandoned) house cat. 

Apparently the cat cried to my sister before I came home, because there was a small bowl of cat food on the porch.  After the cat greeted me, it returned to the bowl and chowed down. 

The cat was gone this morning.  I do hope it found its way home.

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