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Monday, January 24, 2011

the orange cat ..again

So he's been hanging around our yard, looking for a free meal....and trying to get into the house any time someone opens the door. He tried to follow Daisy and Mr. Kitty into the house many times.  My mother and I are joking about his "immigration status", and I keep saying he's looking for his green card and eventual citizenship in our home.  My mother says no, he's got a temporary visa only and he's not going to overstay his welcome.

Saturday afternoon, my sister invited him into the kitchen, and he slept on a towel near the space heater all afternoon.  Ditto Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Kitty was quite jealous when my sister was petting the orange visitor.  My father addressed the cat as "hey, you!" and I joked that he needed a name....and my mother said those dreaded words "animal shelter", which my sisters ignored.

Last night the temperature dropped to single digits.  Guess who spent the night in our downstairs bathroom?  It really was too cold for the poor cat to be outside. 

Anyone taking bets on when this cat will get a name and a permanent bed in our house?

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