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Saturday, January 15, 2011

another commuter rant ....and my 15 minutes of fame

Let's just say I am NOT afraid to voice my opinion. 

I've been commuting from the same railroad station since 1994.

In all those years, the county was responsible for plowing the commuter parking lots at the station.  The county emplyees did an adequate job -- nothing even close to approaching "perfect", but nothing to complain about either. 

This season, responsibility shifted from the county to the township.

Major disaster. 

Had a horrific storm Tuesday night night into Wednesday morning.  Didn't go to work Wednesday..  Got to the station Thursday morning and had to circle for almost an hour to find a place to leave the car.  Some of the lots were only partially plowed, some not plowed at all.

Our local newspaper had a facebook thread asking us to share our commuting stories.  So I did.  And a reporter contacted me and wanted to use a quote from me in her story!  The story was published in Friday's paper. 

The town sent plows to the station Thursday afternoon with the promise that "everything would be fine by the evening rush hour." .  Totally ineffective -- you can't plow a parking lot when it's full of cars.  In fact, my car got plowed in, and I had to call AAA to get it out.  The parking was just as bad Friday -- the town never sent the plows back Thursday night to finish the job. 

There's more snow predicted for next week.

It's going to be a looooong winter.

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