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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nablopomo prompt -- Write a post using the following words: oregano, football field, blackbird, hurricane, and loop.

Interesting prompt.  I think I'll try to use all the words, but  I don't want to sound disjointed -- I want what I write to be a cohesive story.

OK, here goes nothing:

I was never a fan of high school sports until Jen joined cheer leading.  Then I suddenly found myself attending a lot of football games.  Sometimes it would be hot, sometimes cold, sometimes rainy.  In bad weather the girls would cheer in thier windsuits instead of their uniforms.  The girls would all call or text each other to discuss wardrobe --- one time, one of the girls wasn't kept in the loop, and Jen had to loan her a pair of sweatpants  to wear over her uniform because of the weather. Honestly, the weather was so bad sometimes that the cheerleaders gave up and went home....yet the powers that be  didn't cancel the game.  I think they'd play in a hurricane if the referees would let them.

The girls would all be hungry after the game, and that meant going out to eat.  sometimes it would be pizza (with lots of good stuff, like tomato sauce, cheese and oregano), sometimes it would be burgers, sometimes ice cream....One time I took a bunch of the cheerleaders to Ralph's Ices, and we saw a whole bunch of blackbirds sitting on the phone lines, watching us while we enjoyed our ices.

I miss those days.


Suzanne said...

Brava, you got all the words in!

songbird's crazy world said...

LOL, I'll take a bow now!

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