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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

grad school search time, already?

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Didn't we just finish the college search?

Yes, I know we did.

But Jen is a junior this year.  And she has definite plans to start her Master's as soon as she graduates from college.   She'll get her BA in May 2012, if all goes as planned, and she should start grad school in September 2012.  She wants to take a program here on Long Island, and there are at least four schools she might consider.

So I suggested she spend some time now, while she's on winter break, looking at the schools she'd like to attend, finding out what sort of GPA they require and what entrance exams she needs and when she needs to take those exams.  I know, it's a little early....but she really should have an idea of what she'll need to do next year, when she's a senior and about to graduate. 

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