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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

comings and goings

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So yesterday was the first day of class at Becca's school.  Her second semester of college!  She spent most of Monday packing up her things -- most of which she never unpacked when she came home in December.  and, of course, she and I went shopping for groceries on Sunday because "the food in the cafeteria is awful."  And we made a quick stop at Barnes & Noble -- she's her mother's daughter, she loves to read for pleasure.  And my sister cooked, of course -- Becca went back to school with  home made matzo ball soup, pot roast and brownies.  And you know she hit me up for $$$ before she left for the dorm. 

One of the biggest lessons Becca is learning isn't in a classroom, it's in the dorm.  Her dorm is set up as apartments that can accomodate 4-6 students.  Her apartment is set up for 6 -- it's got 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as a living room and a kitchen.  There are actually 7 girls living there (there would have been 8, but one girl dropped out the first week.)  The girls are learning to live with each other, and sometimes there are stressful situations -- conflicts about doing the dishes and cleaning up the common areas, buying supplies, when to be quiet so others can study -- typical college roommate stuff.  She's not happy, but she's learning to deal with it.  She tells me that overall she gets along with all of the girls -- except one.  Apparently the young lady doesn't have a concept of "private property" -- she's gone into Becca's bedroom more than once to "borrow" Becca's things without permission, and Becca now keeps her bedroom door locked when she's not at home.  Becca doesn't mind sharing her pots and pans and dishes, but keep your hands off her clothes!

And then there's Jen.  When you have a house off campus and a car of your own, you don't have to worry about when the dorms are open or closed -- you can come and go as you please.  Her spring classes start next Monday, so she's going back to school on Saturday.  But she's already been back to school twice since Christmas -- once for the New Year's Eve party, and again last weekend for her housemate's birthday.

I was a little nervous about her being up at school last weekend -- my Jets fan daughter in New England, with a house full of Patriots fans!  Even her boyfriend is a Pats fan...He watched the game with her, and she didn't gloat -- too much -- when the Jets beat the Pats. 

The situation kind of reminded her about the Giants' Superbowl victory a few years ago -- Jen and I were driving up to Connecticut during the game because we were planning to check out a college the next day.  Jen's friend Billy kept texting her the whole time we were in the car, giving her details about the game.  She got a text from Billy that the Giants won the game....just as we arrived at our hotel.  When we walked into the hotel lobby, the first thing I noticed was a giant TV...and the long, sad faces of the hotel staff and other guests as they watched the post game show....I almost feared pulling out my NY driver's license....Was that really 3 years ago?

Sigh...time is flying by...

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