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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shopping in mom's kitchen

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So last week I was lamenting that neither of my daughters would be home for Chanukah...

...and Becca scheduled a dental appointment for Wednesday afternoon, and showed up for dinner at home Wednesday night.  And before she headed back to school, she went grocery the pantry closet and the refrigerator.  Seriously, she went back to school with latkes, matzoh balls, chicken soup ...

It's a phenomenon I've seen quite a bit lately. 

Becca's experience at school...well, she doesn't have a traditional dorm, she lives in an apartment  with 6 other girls, they have a full kitchen.  they don't have a traditional dining hall, their meal plan gives them access to an a la carte cafeteria, and Becca says the food is "awful".  So of course she has to raid the refrigerator whenever she's home.

Jen's experience was a bit different, of course.  During Jen's first two years of college, she lived on campus and usually ate in the dining hall, so her at-home shopping was mostly for supplemental items for her dorm room -- Easy Mac, Cup of Noodles, bottled water...And, as I recall, they ordered a lot of pizza.  But now that she lives off campus and has to provide all her own food, she makes sure to pack lots of stuff in the car when she drives back to school.

I guess we have to feed our kids even after they move out.

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